How to activate the writer in you

Early in my writing career, I had the great fortune to study with Dr. Jean Houston. It was Jean’s exercises that often created such a rich environment for my writing. To this day, over 20 published books later, I continue to study with Jean. She has gifted me permission to share some of these potent practices, alongside my own, to teach you how to activate the writer in you!

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Create your environment

This is one of my favourite exercises of Jean’s. I learned it over a decade ago and continue to use it to enliven my writing. You often hear people say that writing is a lonely craft. Once you incorporate this practice, you’ll never feel alone. Learn how to set the stage for your most inspired writing yet!

Call upon the Master

In Awakening on Purpose: Trusting the Call, I wrote about what happened during my practice of calling on the master. Jean taught this exercise but I had no idea just how powerful it would be. Experience this potent practice and use it when you need to skillfully tackle something in your life or work!

Call forth your latent abilities

Recharge, reinforce and reignite your work and your life. In this session, you will call forth what you need to leap over obstacles and move forward. As Glinda the Good Witch said to Dorothy, “You’ve had the power all along, my dear.”

Connect with the one who knows

In this exercise, you’ll connect with the part of you that already has the answers. The part of you that knows your purpose, your natural talents, your perfect health and your true potential. This is your dearest friend and your life’s blueprint rolled into one. Connect with this part of you that directs your growth and life!


“If you are looking for an angel to help you with your book, Stephanie is it! As a new author, I have truly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from working with Stephanie. I highly recommend working with her, as you will receive much needed guidance and support!”

Malcolm Saunders, Author of Elixir Life, Owner & Creative Visionary at

“I had the great fortune of working with Stephanie from the inception of my book, through the writing process, and now, as I begin the publishing stage. I highly recommend Stephanie in your writing journey!”

Vicky Roubekas, Author of Embodied: How to Connect to your Body, Ignite your Intuition and Harness Universal Energy for Healing

Visualize your book with the meditation below.

Are you ready to activate the writer in you?