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Alluring & relatable

An Accidental Awakening delivers an alluring story, full of introspection and wisdom. The lively narration and personal exploration makes this a page-turner of a self-help book.” – Whistler Independent Book Awards

“It is a delicious story, so relatable and it has captivated me! I’m not getting anything else done, I must get to the next Chapter!” – Dawn Baisley, Calgary

“A profound and thought-provoking read in which the author shares her journey through motherhood, family, and work.” – Readers’ Favorite

Writing An Accidental Awakening allowed me to revisit one of the most profound years of my life. The messiness of motherhood, the challenges of injury, the magic of mudra, mantra and all-things mystical, and the power of community equally challenged and transformed me. Enjoy the read! – Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Awakening on Purpose: Trusting the Call

“Life-changing read!

If you want a book that will get you fired up to follow your curiosity and intuition, this is it!! Stephanie’s story empowered me to start following the breadcrumbs without necessarily knowing where they are leading.”

— Emily (Amazon 5-star review)

“Inspiring and magical

I loved this book so much that I didn’t want it to end. I rationed it like expensive dark chocolate. I would only allow myself to read three chapters a day so I could stretch out the magic and have something to treat myself to in the evening.”

— Julie Krupp (Amazon 5-star review)

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