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Heart-felt, midlife guidance for you

From dis-ease to divorce to company reorganization… a lot can happen at midlife. Your kids move out, your parents move on or require more care, interests change, addresses change, hair colours change.

What if there was some sort of lifeline to guide you out of this chaotic period?

While many feel stuck at midlife or struggling to navigate sudden challenges like divorce or career changes, there is wisdom in the stars to guide you.

Chiron’s placement in your chart tells you much of what you need to know about navigating this time of your life.

“When I dove down the Chiron return rabbit hole, I didn’t find a ton of information, but I did discover a lifeline to guide me out of the turbulent waters of midlife. The knowledge helped me to become both observer and participant in what can be one of the most transformative periods of life. Don’t waste this time.” ~Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Don’t struggle another minute trying to navigate midlife waters alone.

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