Cultivate Lovingkindness: January Journaling Practice

Create a kinder 2023

Qigong & journaling to inspire more kindness in the year ahead.

Shift your self-talk, empower your inner dialogue, and ignite kindness in your life. Join Munira and Stephanie for an inspiring January journaling workshop.

Join the 2-hour live Zoom workshop on January 17th from 11am-1pm MT. Enjoy qigong practice to open your energy channels and improve your wellbeing, and then have fun following a variety of journaling prompts to cultivate more kindness towards yourself and light up your inner voice to charge your year ahead with positive energy.

Discover the power of journaling!

You will also receive an email after the workshop with 21 journal prompts to support you in creating an empowering and effortless daily journaling practice.


We look forward to cultivating kindness with you in 2023!

Qigong Master and certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, Munira Jiwa. Find out more about Munira here.
Stephanie Hrehirchuk, multi-award winning author of over 25 books.