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I was misdiagnosed in 2017 and then properly diagnosed in 2021. Most people (and many health care practitioners) have never heard of lichen sclerosus. During my journey to discover everything about this “rare” autoimmune condition, I was fortunate to be referred to a dermatology clinic with a gynaecologist who specializes in LS. I include in this book my personal journey, the health care professionals who helped me, the alternative modalities that empower my own healing, and the resources I gathered along the way.

All of this to support you in your personal journey with LS. You are not alone. You have healing options available to you. There is a supportive community ready to welcome you.

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From the book:

I suspect it is “rare” because it is misdiagnosed. In an online menopause group, a member complained of pain with sex and “my vagina is closing.” While many members jumped in with links to vaginal atrophy and “It’s normal in menopause,” I was reminded of when my doctor misdiagnosed me. There’s ignorance around LS because it is little-known and because it is often awkward to discuss with others, including your doctor. That’s changing, thanks to all the people who are speaking up and sharing their experiences and wisdom.

According to The Royal Women’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia:

Lichen sclerosus affects around one in 80 women. It can happen at any age, but is most common in middle-aged and elderly women.

Research suggests that the most probable cause of lichen sclerosus is an autoimmune reaction in genetically predisposed individuals.

“I enjoyed the book very much. It was relatable and engaging. You were speaking my language!”


Do you find it difficult to discuss LS with others? Pick up The Companion’s Guide to Lichen Sclerosus. This short guidebook offers easy to access information and simple explanations about lichen sclerosus and how to care for those who have this inflammatory condition. A great resource for your romantic partner, family, friends, and caregivers of older adults or children with LS.

Resources for you to support your management of LS:

For cyclists or sitting: a qigong exercise to help alleviate numbness of the vulva and bum.