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Funny Story

I listened to a webinar months ago by Constantina Rhodes on Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth, harmony and abundance. Years ago, I took one of Constantina’s courses in order to deepen my connection with this prominent Hindu goddess. During the webinar, Constantina provided a different mantra for Lakshmi. I’ve come across many over the years but not this particular one. I wrote it down and life continued.

A few weeks ago, a cheque came in the mail. It was from our insurance company. Since when does an insurance company just hand out money?! Apparently, they had demutualized (I had to Google it) and sent each client their portion of a large sum of money the company received to assist with economic recovery.

My portion was $1600. That’s a lovely and unexpected bonus. I was grateful for the influx of cash and thanked the universe for my good fortune.

The following week, while cleaning up my desk of piles of randomly jotted book inspiration, poems and notes to myself, I found the original paper on which I’d written the Lakshmi mantra…

my billing statement from my insurance company.

Didn’t see that coming. I thanked Lakshmi (and Constantina). Now, that’s a powerful mantra. I’ve since written it everywhere 😉

And I’d love for Lakshmi’s blessings to rain down on you and your family, friends and community. So, I’ve made my book Householder Yogini: Practices & Journaling Exercises for Those who Live at the Intersection of Spirituality & Family available for download right here and now for you. Second chakra chapter has more Lakshmi inspiration and when you download your copy, I’ll email you the mantra that I wrote on my insurance statement.

May it bring you and your loved ones abundance, harmony and prosperity!

If you prefer a paperback copy to a PDF, you can order your copy at .ca/ or in your area. In order to receive the mantra, you will need to contact me or feel free to get creative and post a photo of the book on Instagram, tag me and I’ll message you.

“If you are ready to make time for yourself and live a balanced and abundant life, you will be amazed with how the practices in Householder Yogini will guide you there! “

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