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Grandmother wisdom anthology

Do you have a story about your grandmother?

Do you have a story about your grandmother? Would you like to publish it in an anthology? Join a community of writers and storytellers as we share stories of grandmother wisdom.

Whether it’s the tale of your nona’s famous cooking or your nan’s service as a nurse in the war, these stories serve as a tribute to the resilience, grace and hardships our grandmothers lived.

From traumas to triumphs, these are the women who came before us, who set the stage of our lives and those of generations to come.

This anthology will be professionally edited and produced, self-published and available worldwide. The writers involved will share the costs of production.

What you receive:

  • Your story published in paperback and ebook worldwide
  • Your bio and artist statement included (why you chose to write this story)
  • Links to your other published work (if applicable, or website) in ebook format
  • 10 paperback copies of the book for you to give away or sell at $20 per copy
  • The ability to order more copies of your book at cost (approximately $6-7/copy)
  • You retain the copyright to your story and I retain the copyright to the published book
  • Zoom calls with fellow writers to meet and greet and discuss our work
  • Professional editing and book production
  • Online book launch
  • Guidance on how to organize a live launch in your town/city if you so choose

What we need from you:

  • A story about your grandmother. You are welcome to include creative non-fiction (you have many of the historical details and fill in the rest with your imagination) or more autobiographical.
  • Your story should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words.
  • Inspiration, entertainment, connection, education, courage, wit or wonder are qualities we’re looking for in the stories.
  • If your story is selected, you will be invoiced $275CAD to cover your portion of the book’s production.
  • Submission must be received by May 30th.
  • Publishing set for late summer!
Stephanie Hrehirchuk, award-winning author
Maraya Loza-Koxahn, professional editor and author
Jacquie Clarke, workplace learning strategist and writer

I highly recommend working with Stephanie, as you will receive much needed guidance and support!

Malcolm Saunders, Author of Elixir Life, Owner & Creative Visionary at

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