Guidance for 2022

Are you looking for direction and meaning for 2022? Guided by the ancestors and Source, Levi will share the messages he receives for this year and help you tune into these energies and your own intuition.

Sunday mornings twice a month for an hour we will connect via Zoom where you can join Levi and I in meditation exercises and conversation.

Join us once or come every session and let these messages inspire your life throughout the year ahead!

We begin 11am MT January 2

$50 per session

Grab your seat for the next session below!

You will receive an email confirmation with the option to pay via etransfer or credit card.

You know Levi.

If you’ve read An Accidental Awakening or Awakening on Purpose, you will know him as Leo, the one who I sought for guidance and who always gave me some cryptic story with no end. 🙂

Levi’s meditations helped me to tune into my own intuition in a deeper way to more easily receive guidance. We’ve continued our conversations over the years, sharing animal symbolism, strange dreams, communication with Nature and the ancestors.

Levi and I look forward to helping you navigate and co-create this year ahead.

Enjoy community, guided meditation, light-hearted conversation and messages from the Spirit of the North to guide you through 2022.

Come, see beyond the mind!